Software & Technology

For Software & Technology businesses, Stonegate Capital provides senior debt facilities ranging from $2MM to $15MM to work in concert with equity investors to support continued growth and ongoing capital needs. We place a heavy emphasis on stakeholder collaboration to ensure we are customizing our debt facilities to support the individualized needs of every borrower.

Typical Industries:
Mission Critical Software Businesses and Tech-enabled Services (Industry Agnostic)

Ownership Type:
P/E backed or significant capital from private owner

Revolvers and Term Loans supported by A/R, Recurring Revenue, Cash Flow and IP

Key Characteristics:
Granular customer base with high retention rates | Breakeven/positive cashflow or significant sales momentum in companies losing money with clear path to achieving breakeven cashflow | Facilities structured around the recurring revenue profiles of a business | Pre-Series A and later | $0.5K - $2.5MM of MRR