Asset-based Loans

For traditional manufacturing and distribution businesses, Stonegate Capital provides senior debt facilities ranging from $5MM to $15MM to work in concert with private owners and lower middle-market equity investors to support continued growth and working capital needs. We place a heavy emphasis on collaboration with portfolio companies to ensure we are customizing our debt facilities to support the individual needs of every borrower.

After closing, we remain close business partners to our portfolio companies to foster business growth through the opening of new relationships across the Stonegate network and through multi-tranche reinvestment opportunities, where appropriate.

Typical Industries:
Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Business Services

Ownership Type:
P/E backed or Privately Held

Revolvers, Term Loans supported by A/R, Inventory, M&E, RE, Cash Flow

Key Characteristics:

Stable, mature businesses | Turnarounds with a clear path to positive cash flow | Creative debt structures to support seasonal or cyclical businesses